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    To become a member of APBians, please follow the following steps:

    1. Make a payment of your membership fee at the following link:

    (Rs 200 annual for students; Rs 1000 annual for all others; Rs 3000 for life membership; All memberships are valid for the calendar year in which the payment has been made. )

    After checking the applicable fee here, please go to the following payment gateway.


    Make Payment of your Membership Fee


    2. After (1) is successfully completed, fill out the application form below (After your membership application has been reviewed and approved, your membership will become active. This will usually take less than 24 hours).

    Once your APbians membership fee is paid and the form below is submitted, please go ahead and claim your INCOB registration fee discount and pay accordingly. You do not need to wait for a membership confirmation or ID. In the field marked for APBians membership in INCoB registration page, simply enter the date of registration and/or  user ID of your APbians account.

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