Collaborative Research



    We have exciting collaborative projects with leading researchers in our own subject area and allied fields of study. These collaborations have already resulted in a number of jointly funded projects, co-authored publications, student exchange and rewarding scientific experience. Some of the ongoing and recent past collaborations are listed here.


    Collaborations overseas

    1. Prof Nicoletta Bobola, University of Manchester, UK (Developmental regulatory dynamics)

    2. Prof Ruth Nussinov (NIH, USA) (Structural Bioinformatics)

    3. Prof Kenji Mizuguchi (NINIOHN, Japan) (Systems Biology algorithms, biomolecular interactions)

    4. Prof Hidetoshi Kono (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) (DNA conformational dynamics and protein-DNA interactions)

    5. Prof Hiroshi Kiyono (Tokyo University) (miRNA regulation dynamics in MucoRice)

    6. Dr Eun Jeong Park (Mie University, Japan) (miRNA regulation dynamics in intestinal disorders, extracellular vesicles and exosomes)

    7. Dr Yoichi Sekita (Kitasato University, Japan) (Uni-parental disomy and epigenetics)

    8. Dr Firdaus Raih (Universiti Kebengasan Malaysia) (Protein-DNA interactions; host pathogen interactions)

    9. Dr Madhu Chetty (Fededration University/ Melbourne University, Australia) (Gene regulatory networks)

    10. Dr Pedro Ballester (Cancer Research Center of Marseille (CRCM), France) (Predictive oncology and cancer systems biology)


    Collaborations outside JNU (in India)

    11. Prof Michael Gromiha (IIT Madras) (Protein nucleic acid interactions in disordered proteins)

    12. Redcliffe Life Science Inc. (Industry) (Prenatal diagnostics)

    13. Dr Philip Prathipati (Composite Interceptive Med Science Laboratories Pvt. Ltd (CIMED)) (cancer systems biology)

    14. Prof Faizan Ahmad (protein denatured state modeling)


    Collaborations at JNU

    15. Prof Rupesh Chaturvedi (Understanding host-pathogen interactions and disease principles and role of DNA conformational dynamics)

    16. Prof Rakesh Bhanagar (Myobacterium tuborculosis genomics and transcriptomics, an integrative investigation)

    17. Prof Rana Pratap Singh (Head and Neck Cancer dynamics studied using Spheroids and Single Cell transcriptome analysis)

    18. Prof Vibha Tandon (Toll Like Receptor molecular interactions in Salmonella; Head and Neck Cancer molecular informatics)






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