Publication Policy

    SciWhyLab Publication Policy:

    SciWhyLab is committed to high quality science and reports results after due diligence and thorough scrutiny. We publish what we feel is useful for scientific community. We choose a journal based on the following criteria: 

    1. Appropriateness of readership 
    2. Quality of the editorial and review process 
    3. Visibility of the journal as indicated by its previous publications and in many cases indices such as impact factor 

    Open access: We strongly support Open access movement and most of our recent publications are in Open access journals. However, we do anticipate challenges in procuring financial support for such publications and we are always on the look out for alternative publication models, with maximum reach to the audience with minimum cost.

    PrePrints: We consider preprints services such as BioarXive to be a great medium to take the research to its intended audience in a timely manner and to pre-empt scooping practises. We hope to use this medium more and more in our future endeavours. 

    Avoidance of Predatory and frivolous journals Despite all care, it is usual in the scientific community that a peer review does not rate a work as highly as we do. In some cases, when we feel we have not received a fair treatment, we follow the practise, widely prevalent in the scientific community i.e. to try an alternative journal, in most cases after addressing the comments on the original submission. However, if the comments received are consistently contrary to our opinion, we feel pleased to accept the peer opinion and stop pursuing its publication, unless we have new data to support our work. We strongly desist from publishing in frivolous and predatory journals and make every effort to educate our lab members about these practices.

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